I Am In The World

When I glimpse the sea down across the fields To my left, [I’d thought it would be my right] My blood beats faster as landscape yields Up its hope, scatters the shadows of night. Apart from meadows and sky I’m alone, But they breathe as I breathe, promise me, While chalk gleams on the banks like bone, The world will show me how I can be free. Now as my bike bounces back down the lane Towards where the sea and land agree, The wheat glitters with harvest gold again And I own everything I can see. Brief these moments, blessed in what they bring I am in the world. This is everything. From ‘A Bench for Billie Holiday: 70 Sonnets’ [to be published by Valley Press October 2018]


Sunday morning and the tractor hauls The lifeboat up the sand against the tide, To the left dog and husband search for shells While boys of all genders can be descried Watching its slow progress to home again A mechanical toy from a simpler age Subsumed by beach, shimmer of sun and rain, Now quiet dwells and only seagulls rage. All is peace, the routines bringing calm And order to this essential shadow play, Preparing for seas which can overwhelm, When storms blur boundaries of night and day. I look beyond the cliffs around us curled And wish for more lifeboats in the world.

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