The Walker on the Shore

This weekend we were able to take in some early autumn sea air walking our puppy along the dunes at Wilsthorpe, just outside Bridlington. For me it was the last chance to catch my breath before some of my annual regular work tasks occupy a more central position in my life.  

So this morning I have already had an interview with Beverley FM about the East Riding Poetry Competition which I am judging with fellow poets Wendy Pratt and Matthew Hedley Stoppard.  With some great prizes, entries close on 30th November, and you can find out all you need to know at

On Thursday, National Poetry Day I’m at the excellent Richmond House School in Headingley, talking to different year groups about my life as a poet and how I find my inspiration.  I’ll be challenging them to enter the school poetry competition, theme ‘the environment’ which I will be judging in a few weeks.

On Friday I’ll be working with an older group of writers at MAECARE HQ in Moortown, hearing their writing from the last session and setting them off on a new writing task; it will as ever be fun, lively and inspirational.

And then this weekend I’ll be interviewing writers Jennifer Saint and Emma Kennedy as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival; two of nearly a dozen events I’ll be hosting.

I am truly blessed in the work I do, it’s always fascinating and rewarding, but there will always be a slight yearning to be that anonymous walker on the shore again.

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