Didn't you used to be Mr Nash?

When I run writing workshops in schools, young people always ask me two questions;

  • are you rich?
  • are you famous?

If I tell you that all my writing - whether it be poetry, journalism, short fiction or the teenage novel I am writing at the moment - is created in an outhouse at the end of my garden, you probably picture me working in a tumbledown hut.  And perhaps transform me into a slightly dotty hermit in fingerless gloves, who scratches out the odd sonnet with a quill pen. To explain that my office was, in fact, an old laundry, and was lived in by a Buddhist friend for nearly a year, only confuses the issue even more...

The life of a writer, like myself, is not that of J K Rowling, or Lord Byron.  No Scottish castle or Isles of Greece, and already  well past the age of a tragic early death.  Imagine a peaceful suburban apartment in Headingley, writing poetry, with regular forays around the country performing my own work, hosting literature events or running writing workshops for adults.

This website will show some of the facets of my writing and professional life, along with any domestic details that somehow slip into the mixture in my blog.

My podcast includes news, reviews and interviews with other authors, as well as a reading of each month's Poem of the Month.

In addition, I hope to share my reading and my work with readers’ groups on this website.

Some of you may know me from my writing, or public appearances, some of you may have read my work.  A vast body of folk know me from my long teaching career; they are still inclined to come up to me  and say, "Didn't you used to be Mr Nash?"

This website, as well as allowing you to contact me,  tells you, I hope, who I am today.

The James Nash Podcast

I produce a podcast every month. It features news about the world of literature, book reviews, a reading of my Poem of the Month and interviews with contemporary authors.