Who am I?

I’m a writer, poet and teacher based in Leeds. 

I spend much of my week working from home or in schools, libraries and other venues within Yorkshire.  But as Leeds is a city with great travel connections, there aren’t many parts of the country I can’t get to and back within the day.  I travel by train, bus and taxi.  This suits me.  I have time to write, to read and to observe the world.

What do I do?

I write poetry mostly, though I’ve had stories, memoirs and, as a journalist, many articles published in newspapers and magazines. 

I have a huge amount of expertise in running writing workshops.  This is solidly supported by my original training as a teacher and subsequently working in inner-city high schools for many years.

I’m a literary host working at many festivals across the country, getting the best out of writers whom I interview at events. 

I have also edited  many collections of young people’s writing as well as adult work with my most recent being ‘Fourteen Festive Sonnets’ for the excellent Candlestick Press.

I’m a performer of my own work and others.  I also teach spoken word performance skills.

What is this website for?

I’m hoping this website will allow you to find out who I am, introduce you to my writing and what I’m doing at different times of the year.

Please send all enquiries or questions to james@jamesnash.co.uk


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