Poem of the month – January 2021

In recent years I have often tried to write about what New Year and new beginnings might mean for me. Here’s my offering for this 2021, accompanied by a pic of my trusty bike.

New Year, new beginnings

An owl screeches as my wheels crunch the frost

On pavements and roads towards the coming year.

It is forward, always forward, the must,

The imperative to face, embrace each fear.

I stop by the silent, icy park to breathe;

This is allowed, my heart can then catch up,

Beat through each change, each little death

Which promise growth and firm, green buds of hope.

The roads are clear of traffic at this time,

Lights of takeaways mimicking the stars

Confuse my journey, I have hills to climb,

Discoveries to make, the future nears.

My front lamp beams through darkness now

Until the dawn which always comes somehow.

© James Nash 2021

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