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Some Things Matter

James Nash Poetry sonnets VP
Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets is a sequence for the ages, from Leeds-based poet James Nash. Philosophical, satirical, warm and bitter-sweet; these contemporary sonnets will inspire and impress.

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Coma Songs

Coma Songs, by James Nash
James Nash's  first  major collection, reprinted in 2006, shows a mature writer flexing his muscles and asking the big questions;  What do men talk about in the gym? Which people should you steer clear of?  What songs would you want played to you in a coma?  Why is having sex in an allotment not a good idea?

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In Transit

In Transit by James Nash and Casey Orr
Sometimes you hear someone's story and you wonder, 'Can I  write that down, and do it justice?'. This is the story of Jonathan's grandfather, as told to me by Jonathan one morning at my house during a Buddhist mediation day.  The story of a transgendered male, it is written in a series of loose poems, accompanied by  beautiful and moving images from international photographer Casey Orr.  'In Transit'  toured the country as an exhibition

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Deadly Sensitive

Deadly Sensitive by Char March and James Nash
In Deadly Sensitive, we have a selection of sixty of the best from prize-winning writers Char March and James Nash;  full of humour and humanity the book celebrates three years of shared performance up and down the country.

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Four Fathers

Four Fathers, featuring James Nash
What happens when four male writers write about their fathers;  four sons reveal the bonds that exist between themselves and their very different fathers, and then in second stories consider their own roles as fathers or father figures.

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