May 2024

I’ve been rather quiet of late, thinking, writing and editing my poetry. And yesterday this new poem came almost fully formed, ripe for my new collection ‘Notes of Your Music’ due out in October from Valley Press.

As a poem it’s pretty much first draft, so will probably change substantially by publication date. But it’s how I’m feeling today.

Spring (they/them)

Spring comes mooching around the corner, late,
Does not apologise but does that trick with green
Where trees and hearts light up, inflate
With joy and I mark them in as seen.
For I keep the register, and they’re here
With a coronation-type flummery,
The something special scenting the air,
This yearly fresh leafing ceremony.
My blood is far slower to heat these days
And winters can feel so hard, dark and long
But sitting on my step, the vivid haze
Of growth, the blue sky, the black bird song,
All will be well, my aching bones will warm,
Forget the days of rain and winter storm

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