Working on Cyprus: a week of inspiration

I have just come back from a week in Cyprus working in primary and secondary schools on British military camps up and down the island. School days start early in Cyprus and there’s a two-hour time difference, so Monday morning found me getting up at 6am (4am at home) to be ready for my lift … Read more


Sometimes time creeps up on you.  One sentence in and I’m already up to my ankles in cliché.  I’m pondering that well-known experience [or is it just me?) just saying, ‘I saw that film/heard that band/read that book about five years ago’ which turns out, on resorting to Google, to be fifteen at least.  Someone asked … Read more

City of Culture and much more

Working at the Humber Street Gallery in Hull during its City of Culture year has been a time of marvellous meetings, both aesthetic and physical, of collaborations across the art-forms with established artists and young people at the beginning of their engagement with the arts. But most of all I cherish the experience of extraordinary … Read more

Happy Christmas everyone!

The iconic and gorgeously poetic Candlestick Press have published six titles for the Christmas season. Four of them poetry, Christmas Garland, Christmas Crackers, Fourteen Festive Sonnets and Christmas Stocking. I was lucky enough to have edited the sonnet collection and what a joy it was to choose the poems, and help launch the title in Leeds … Read more